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In downtown Dubai, just above the morning rush hour traffic, is a familiar sight of men hanging precariously from ropes at dizzying heights cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings. It looks surreal, and one wonders how anyone in their right mind could risk working at such dangerous heights with only the support of a rope. Down below, along the streets, operatives in cleaning uniform parade the sidewalks, brushes and dustbins in hands, seemingly lost in their mundane routine of picking up litter. Without missing a spot, they sweep and rake trash and dirt leaving tidy rows of lanes, pavements and avenues behind them.

The story of the emirate of Dubai would not be complete without a detailed chapter of its cleaning industry. The city boasts an ideal image of a world-class modern development and is a preferred and loved destination for many tourists across the world. To maintain an image so spick and span requires a considerable amount of care and maintenance, and this is where the cleaning industry forms an integral part of the emirate. 

Over the past decade, Dubai has experienced tremendous growth in the Facilities Management (FM) industry. The FM industry is the largest, most recognized cleaning and maintenance service provider and is home to the best professional cleaning services. In fact, it’s a common belief in some quarters that you’re never really a cleaning professional unless you’ve passed through the sparkling corridors of FM.

Thus, this blog will give you a vivid glimpse of the world of cleaning in Dubai, specifically as offered by the FM industry. It will highlight best practices, new standards, profiles, the latest news among other related issues. As the author of this website, I feel obliged to write on this topic with authority based on my vast FM experience that spans across multiple sections including Cleaning, Health and Safety, Maintenance and Operations. To make the content more credible I will be inviting experts from the industry to share their knowledge and insights on the subject matter through interviews and guest articles.

As you will see, cleaning in FM goes beyond the daring operatives working at staggering heights or the humble ones picking litter on the streets. You will find that FM’s contribution to sustainability, project and quality management, real estate and property management, maintenance and operations not only plays a significant role in shaping the industry, but is also evidence of the fact that FM is one of the industries that relentlessly oil the gears of Dubai to keep it running smoothly day-to-day, making it the elite metropolis that it is.
Welcome aboard and enjoy the blog.

– Ian Mputeni


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